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Farewell to a Dear Friend – Br. Joe Mosely R.I.P.

Joe 3

Br. Joe Mosely 14 Jan 1951 – 7 July 2018

My dear friend Joe died in Boksburg, South Africa on Saturday 7th July while  recuperating from serious surgery.  Joe was a Christian Brother from Dublin working in Zambia (as he had done for about 35 years). Sometime in April  he went down to South Africa for tests and an MRI after being unwell for a while. He was diagnosed with a benign tumour on the membrane of the brain and operated on in April.  Things took a bad turn after  the surgery and he remained in a coma for about 4/5 weeks but eventually came through.  Continue reading

Godly Play

Two weeks ago I attended a three day training course in Thurles on something called “Godly Play”.   I had no idea really what it was about but I had heard great things  about it around the Dublin Diocese and felt it might be really useful as a more interesting way of connecting with children in the parish.  I discussed it with my PP and he agreed that it sounded interesting and could be a great way of reaching out to children, and I know now can also be used with adults!

What is Godly Play?  Continue reading