Words from Pope Francis

April 2020

Let us pray together for the elderly, especially those who are isolated or in rest homes and are afraid of dying alone. They are our roots. They gave us the faith, tradition, and a sense of belonging. Let us pray that the Lord might be near to them. @Pontifex 15 April 2020

Jesus’ resurrection shows us that death does not have the last world; life does. Christ has been raised, so it is possible to have a positive outlook on every event of our existence, even the most difficult ones and those charged with anguish and uncertainty. @ Pontifex 14 April 2020

Dear brothers and sisters, Indifference, self-centredness, division and forgetfulness are not words we want to hear at this time. We want to ban these words for ever! @Pontifex 13 April 2020

In this night, the Church’s voice rings out: “Christ, my hope, is risen!”. This is a different “contagion”, a message transmitted from heart to heart – for every human heart awaits this Good News. It is the contagion of hope: “Christ, my hope, is risen.” @Pontifex 12 April 2020 (Easter Sunday)



“There is no better medicine to heal so many wounds than a heart capable of mercy” @Pontifex 20 Jan 2018

“Every life counts: from the beginning to the end, from conception to natural death”. @Pontifex 19 Jan 2018

“The Gospel message is a source of joy; a joy that spreads from generation to generation and which we inherit.” @Pontifex 18 Jan 2018

“Listening to religious teaching or doctrine is not enough.  What we want is to live as Jesus lived! @Pontifex 17 Jan 2018



God’s hands are never used for violence, Pope Francis said.

“I can’t imagine God slapping us,” the pope said. “Scolding us, yes, that I see, because he does do that, but he never, ever hurts us.”

God shows love and tenderness, “even when he must scold us; he does it with a caress because he is (our) father,” the pope said in his homily Nov. 12 during his morning Mass in the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

“Let us put ourselves in the hands of God, like a child puts himself in his daddy’s hands. That is a hand that is sure,” the pope said, according to a report in Vatican Radio.

People should put their trust in God, who is reliable, loving and firm, and brings people life and healing, Pope Francis said.

“Many times we hear from people who don’t know whom to trust: ‘I put myself in God’s hands,'” which is good because it offers “maximum security,” he said. “It’s the security of our father who loves us very much.”

“We have been in God’s hands since the beginning,” the pope said. The Bible gives “a beautiful image” of God fashioning man from clay with his hands — “God the artisan,” who created humanity and will never abandoned his creation.

And the Bible stories show how, like a father, God accompanied his children, walking with them, holding their hands, he said. God, “our father, like a father with his child, teaches us to walk. He teaches us to take the path of life and salvation.”

God also uses his hands to comfort people, the pope said. “He caresses us in times of pain” because “he loves us very much.”

That love came with a price when Jesus died for the sins of humanity, he said; “the hands of God are hands wounded out of love and this gives us much consolation.”

“We think about Jesus’ hands when he touched the sick and healed them. They are the hands of God: They heal us,” even healing people’s “spiritual sickness.”

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