Knitting Projects

Knitted Hearts
Home Sweet Home
St. Patrick’s Day Teddy
Easter Banners
Knitted Crib

Madonna and Child
Easter Chicks
Christmas Angels

6 Responses to Knitting Projects

  1. Carol Weinmann says:

    Mary, Just a thought. I have lots of Easter Bunnies, but maybe when this time of isolation is over, wouldn’t it be nice to have the knitted Angles around the village again. Why wait until Christmas? Maybe suggest it in the newsletter or on Enjoy Malahide. Keep safe

    • Mary Kirk says:

      H Carol
      Thats a lovely thought but I would really love to keep the angels till Christmas if possible. I was thinking just off the top of my head – what about the teddies
      (like my St. Patricks Day Teddy here on the site) – I can post the pattern and they are very simple – we could attach a card with a message sending a hug and invite them to give it to
      someone they have missed while in isolation….What do you think?

      Carol – this is an addition – I had another thought!! What about Knitted hearts ? I have some really really easy patterns I could put on this site. Ill put up a few pictures so you can see what they are like.
      We could hang them around the village. Wouldn’t that be lovely????


  2. Carol Weinmann says:

    Hi, If you could e-mail the patterns to me at
    that would be great. I have another friend who is ready to knit too.

    • Carol Weinmann says:

      Oh and the more the merrier knitting hearts,
      hope this lockdown is over soon, back to whatever
      normal is


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