Song of the Thrush

It’s the evening of Tues 15th April, and it has been such a beautiful day with sunshine practically all day, but still cool in the shade. I was out in the back garden weeding and watering most of the evening. I love watering as the evening draws in and the sun starts to edge towards the horizon. I find it’s a time where I reflect a lot on God, nature, creation, something I read somewhere or the Scripture reading of the day. Because I am leading a Prayer Service tomorrow, I was actually thinking about the Gospel Reading for tomorrow and what I might say about it in my Reflection.

The peace and quiet was interrupted at intervals by birdsong here and there. At some stage, I realized there was one particular song which was soaring high above all the others, and it had been going on for a while. I looked up but could not see any particular bird, so I walked round to the front of the house – and there it was, a thrush, on a tv aerial, singing his heart out. I just had to try to capture some of it. (Be sure to turn the sound up high) Enjoy!

About Mary Kirk

Parish Pastoral Worker in the Archdiocese of Dublin since 2010. Former civil servant for many years before that! One son and two cats!
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