Thank God for pets

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Rufus & Nero

Yesterday I had to bring my two cats to the vet. I didnt really want to as I have been trying to stay home as much as possible,but they needed more than the normal flea treatment so I had to venture out. The cats roam in the field behind my house most days so I think they get bites of some sort or another, which they then scratch and that makes it worse. Its a fairly regular occurrence every six months or so. I really hate bringing them to the vet as they fight and struggle not to go into their carry baskets for the trip. By the time I got them both into their baskets and into the car I was hot and bothered and almost late. Then I have to listen to them both crying all the way in the car.

All sorted eventually and I headed home with both cats and a number of treatments and a noticeably lighter wallet. But a couple of things struck me later one – one that I am incredibly lucky to be able to afford to give animals this quality of treatment. Of course we should treat all animals with humanity, but it feels bad to spend so much when we know so many people don’t have access to basic medical treatment in the first place, and one wonders how the coronavirus in going to impact on countries that dont have a proper medical system. The contrast between developed countries and developing countries could not be starker – even in the fight against this virus. It is a reminder to contribute financially where I can to Trocaire, Concern or other aid agencies helping them in this fight.

My second thought was to give thanks for my cats. As I live alone it could get very lonely over the next while, but the company of an animal is such a reassuring thing. At the very least you have someone to talk to – yes, seriously! Rufus, the beige one is a home lover – he only goes out the door to want to get back in five minutes later. Sometimes if I ignore him, he raps imperiously on the window and cries until I have to let him in. Then he spends his time wanting to climb on my lap, my shoulders, my keyboard – my dinner plate, if he could! And he has plenty to say for himself, if ignored. The other one, Nero, is more of a loner, staying away most of the day, but curling up quietly near my feet on the sofa in the evening. No drama queen here!! They both make me happy and are great company. I am sure many people are saying the same thing these days about their cats, dogs, parrots, guinea pigs etc. Thank God for pets!

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