I started my new appointment in St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Marino on Monday 7th September 2015.  

The Church Of St.Vincent De Paul, Marino was completed in 1928 on the old Charlemont estate. In 1942 Marino was established as a Parish in its own right, separating from Fairview parish.  Today, St. Vincent de Paul, Marino is a Parish with a vibrant community, made up of original Marino people and relative “newcomers” from all walks of life. In recent years the parish has inceased considerably in size, with new housing in Charlemont, Beresford, High Park, The Cloisters, Griffith Hall, All Hallows Square, etc. The Parish is well catered for with Primary, Secondary schools, as well as Third Level Colleges including the Teacher Training College in the Marino Institute.  There are a large number of religious communities here too.  It will take me some time to find my way around!

The church is beautiful inside and out and is very big!   I spoke at 4 Masses last weekend just to introduce myself and met a few people who had worked with me in my previous life in the Civil Service.  Its definitely a small world!!

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