Click here for resources for a mini-retreat based around the last three Sundays in Advent.  Advent retreat resource 2013

 And here for some suggestions to get more out of Advent :Ten Ways to Get More out of Advent

See Advent in 2minutes here:

ADVENT (from the Latin adventus meaning “coming”) is the liturgical season observed as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Advent marks the beginning of the Western liturgical year and begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, Dec. 25. This year (2013) Advent begins Sunday 1 Dec. 

For Christians, the season of Advent serves as a reminder both of the original waiting by Israelites for the birth of the Messiah, and the waiting by Christians for the return of Christ. 

The themes of the Advent season are Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Lighting of candles, especially the circular Advent wreath with five candles is an important tradition of the Advent season. Each Sunday of Advent, one of four candles is lit — with the final candle, the Christ Candle, being lit on Christmas Eve.

Advent Wreath


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