Open Evening Discussion – The Future of our Parish

On Monday and Tuesday 8th and 9th of September last, two parish open evenings were held in Skerries Parish Church. Over the two evenings approximately 100 parishioners attended and actively participated in the discussions which were centered on two principal themes:

  • Our parish today
  • Our parish in the future.

These discussions were opened by prayer and reflection by Father Richard and this was followed by a presentation by Holy Faith Sister Patricia O’Malley, who spoke of situations in parishes in mainland Europe, where presently five parishes share one priest. I then led the discussions, in which all attendees participated through group discussions.

The discussions were lively and informed and allowed all those present to openly discuss and ponder the present and future of our wonderful parish, and how to retain the elements that are important to us all. The response and feedback, of these evenings, to the Parish Pastoral Council has been gratefully received and, indeed, the parish has had many volunteers come forward who are willing to contribute with their time and energy: all very necessary and important to maintaining a great parish community. Each parish member’s opinion or idea is valuable and we encourage you all to continue to engage with your parish.

Presently, the parish pastoral council is compiling and discussing the outcomes of these two evenings as your opinions and ideas will help to form the basis for the future reality of Skerries parish. Before Christmas we hope to have another open meeting. At present we are seeking a suitable facilitator who will move us forward in the process of planning for the future.  Our parish is a community and community builds on participation.  We look forward to your presence at forthcoming meetings so that you may make your contribution to the building up of St. Patrick’s Parish into the next decade.

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