New Parish Pastoral Council Members needed!

Rush Parish Pastoral Council are recruiting new members.

The Parish Pastoral Council,  made up of lay people and the priests of the parish, seeks  to fulfil the mission of Jesus by working with others to provide whatever supports parishioners need to become active and full members of the parish family.  Jesus said: “I have come that they may have life; and have it to the full.” This gift of “life to the full” was given to all of us at our Baptism; through our Baptism we have become living members of Christ’s family, and like all families we are called to look after the family and to care for each other.  To be able to do that we have all been given gifts and talents – some we are probably aware of; some we may have yet to discover.  Many people in this parish are already using their time and talents to contribute to the parish community and to ensure that the prayer and liturgical life of the parish, the faith development services, the preparation of children for sacraments, etc. all happen regularly and with reverence and dignity; many others ensure that these services and liturgies occur in an environment that is clean and polished, and beautifully decorated to give glory to God.

Yes there have been many changes in the church throughout the world over the past fifty years and Im sure you are aware that we are facing into many more changes, some of which will prove to be very challenging for us.  We all know that there is a shortage of vocations to the priesthood at the moment and many people are very concerned about this. Our own local group of parishes are being impacted by this in a big way.  But we need to remember that there have always been changes happening in the church and the church continues to survive and in many cases, thrive!

Whatever the future holds for our parish, and whatever our parish will look like in the future depends very much on all of us – priest and parishioners. We want our parish to continue to grow as a vibrant Christian community. We invite you to contribute to that through sharing your views, your ideas, and your gifts and talents, as a member of our Parish Pastoral Council.   We are seeking new members from the whole parish community and we ask you to think and pray about this over the next two weeks.

There will be nomination sheets available after Mass and we ask you to take one home with you and to  consider nominating yourself or someone else (with their permission) as a prospective member of the Pastoral Parish Council. We  ask you to consider two questions when deciding on nominations – what are the important issues that you see facing this parish and parish grouping (i.e. Skerries, Rush, Lusk and Donabate) at the moment; and what are the gifts, talents and skills that you (or the person you are nominating) could bring to the pastoral council?

All those nominated will be invited to a meeting where they can learn more about the work of the PPC, the commitment involved and the issues and areas that the PPC is involved in.  There will be space for questions and discussion, and at the end of this process those nominated will be asked to discern whether they wish to go forward.  Training will be available in December and January and formation will happen at regular times throughout the year.    For those who do not become PPC members there are many roles available in the sub-committees of the PPC, where those with new ideas and a vision will be warmly welcomed.

So we invite you to think and pray about the future direction of our parish, to consider if you or someone you know could contribute to supporting existing initiatives and encouraging new ones, and could be part of a team working on behalf of your faith community.  If so please take a nomination form and complete it, and return it to the sacristy by Sunday 3rd November.

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